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Sep 4  Shiloh  630p

Sep 6  Lost Valley Lake  8p

Sep 24  The Roof 6p

Sep 25  Shiloh  630p

Sep 27  Katfish Katy's  2p

​Oct 2  Shiloh  630p

Oct 8  The Roof  6p

Oct 22  The Roof  6p

Oct 23  Shiloh  630p

Oct 25  Katfish Katy's  2p

Oct 30  Rocheport General Store  8p

​Nov 7  Wedding Reception  7p  (private)

Nov 20  Rocheport General Store  8p
Nov 23  Landmark Bank Holiday Party 5p (private)
Dec 4  Old Hathorne Christmas Party 7p (private)
Dec 5  Private Party 7p​


Feb 13  Valentine's Dance, Old Hawthorne 7p (private)

​Nov 22  Landmark Bank Holiday Party 5p (private)

Dec 4  Private Party

Mar 6 HALO Gala, Jefferson City TBD

Apr 3  Rocheport General Store  8p

Apr 4  WISE Foundation Gala, Warrenton 8p

**Apr 30  Special Nite @ The Roof, Norm with Al 

   Manning & friends.  Al & Norm played together on 

   on the road in late 70's.  Gotta come see this one!!!  6p

May 1  Shiloh  630p
May 8  Little Black Dress Gala, Columbia College 7p
May 15  CoMO Dance Group, Stephens Ballroom 730p

May 17  Katfish Katy's  2p

May 22 Rose Music Hall  5p

May 28  The Roof  6p

May 29  Shiloh  630p
May 30  Wedding reception  7p (private)

Jun 13  Katfish Katy's  6p

Jun 27  Private Party "Stars & Stripes"  6p
Jul 2  Old Hawthorne GC Fireworks Celebration  6p
   (Invitation only to attend)

Jul 4  The Roof  6p

Jul 12 Shelter Gardens  7p

Jul 10  Shiloh  630p

Jul 17  Rocheport General Store  8p

Jul 18  Private Party, CCMO 7p

Jul 19  Katfish Katy's  2p

Jul Jul 23  The Roof  6p

Jul 31  Shiloh  630p

Aug 7  CCMO "1st Fri"  530p (private club event)
Aug 8  Private Party, CCMO  7p

Aug 13  The Roof  6p

Aug 21  Katfish Katy's  6p

Aug 22  Private Party  Columbia MO  7p
​Aug 27  The Roof  6p

Aug 28  Rocheport General Store 8p

Aug 29  Marcassin St Party @ Old Hawthhorne  7p