Mar 1  HALO Foundation  Capital Bluffs 530p

Mar 8  Pascale's Pals Gala, Exec Ctr, 7p

Mar 9  Wedding Reception, Millbottom  8p (private) 

Mar 14  The Roof 6p

Mar 15  Columbia Dance Group  730p (private)

Apr 4  The Roof 6p

Apr 5  Rocheport General Store  8p

May 2  The Roof 6p

May 3  CCMO  5p (private)

May 10  Little Black Dress Fundraiser  Columbia          

            College  8p

May 17  Rose Music Hall 5p

May 18  Katfish Katy's/Station House  6p

May 31  Shiloh 630p

June 1  Meadow Lakes CC  7p (private)

June 7  Shiloh 630p

June 15  Wedding Reception, Columbia MO  7p (private)

June 16  Katfish Katy's/Station House  2p

June 29 Drewing "Stars & Stripes" 6p (private)

July 3  Old Hawthorne GC Fireworks Celebration 


July 4  Moberly Fireworks Celebration  730p

July 5  Katfish Katy's/Station House  6p

Jul 25  The Roof 6p


Aug 4  Katfish Katy's/Station House  2p
Aug 10  Marcassin St Block Party, Old Hawthorne GC 7p  
     (must be invited by OH member to attend)
Aug Aug 15  The Roof 6p

Aug 16  Rose Music Hall 5p

Aug 24  Birthday Party  St. Louis. 7p (private)

Aug 30  Shiloh 630p

​Sep 5  The Roof 6p

Sep 7  Shiloh 630p

Sep 8  Katfish Katy's/Station House 2p
Sep 13  Otis Campbells, Washington MO 830p

Sep 19  The Roof 6p

Sep 20  Shiloh 630p

Sep 28  Chillicothe HS Reunion  8p
Oct 4  Shiloh 630p

Oct 10  The Roof 6p

Oct 11  Shiloh 630p

Oct 13  Katfish Katy's/Station House 2p
Nov 1  Shiloh 630p

Nov 25  Landmark Bank Christmas Party  CCMO  530p (private)
Dec 7  Private Christmas Party  Columbia  645p (private)
Dec 13  Jeff City Let's Dance Club  Capital Ritz  8p
Dec 21  Wedding Reception TBD (private)
Dec 31  New Year's Eve @ CCMO  845p (private)