Feb 9  Rocheport General Store 8p

Feb 10  Fat Sat Mardi Gras Bash, KC Hall  7p

Feb 16  The Mission, Jefferson City  9p
Feb 17  Jefferson City Dance Club  7p

Mar 2  Stoney Creek Inn  7p  (private)

Mar 9  Pascales Pals Benefit Banquet  6p
Mar 16  Dance Club, CCMO  730p (private)

Mar 30  Otis Campbells, Washington MO  9p
Apr 20  Little Black Dress Gala  7p 

May 11  Shiloh  630p
May 18  Dance Club, CCMO  730p (private)
May 19  Wedding Reception, Les Bourgeois Bistro  7p (private)

May 21  Extra Pt Club, Old Hawthorne, all day (private)

June 1  Shiloh  630p
June 30  Drewing "Stars & Stripes" Bash (private) 6p

July 4  The Roof  6p

July 11  Shiloh  630p

July 27  Shiloh  630p

July 26  Gasconade Co Fair  8p

July 28  Anniversary Party, Columbia (private)  730p

Aug 17  Shiloh  630p

Aug 31  Shiloh  630p

Sep 15  Moberly Chamber of Commerce Concert Series

    MMAC Auditorium  7p

Sep 21  Shiloh  630p

Sep 28  Shiloh  630p

Oct 19  Shiloh  630p

Nov 3  Wedding Reception, Sullivan MO 530p (private)

Nov 24  Warrenton VFW  7p 

Dec 1  Private Christmas Party  645p