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Norm Ruebling Band

If you've ever been to a celebration, maybe hit the dance floor, savored a delicious meal, or enjoyed your favorite drink with friends while  listening to incredible "live" music in Mid-Missouri, chances are you were diggin' the NORM RUEBLING BAND. Whether we are rocking your wedding, an anniversary, convention, a mixer, or any special occasion, NRB excels. We will leave you do they bring it like that every night.


You want this band


​July 31  Shiloh  630p
Aug 1  Murry's  9p

​Aug 9  Coaches v Cancer, Tan Tar A  7p (private)

Aug 13  The Roof  6p
Aug 14  Shiloh  630p

Aug 15  D Rowe's  8p
Aug 22  Wedding Reception, Tiger Hotel  8p (private)
Aug 29  Les Bourgeois Winery  5p

Sept 4  Shiloh  8p
Sept 5  Anniversary Party, Troy MO  7p (private)
Sept 9  Realtor's Convention, Porto Cima  8p (private)
Sept 11  Shiloh  8p